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Gel waste away freshwater

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Why you should use Waste-Away Gels?

Whether you have a freshwater aquarium, seawater or reef aquarium, an unexpected consequence of filtration is the elimination of some good bacteria. Of course, we are not talking about beneficial nitrifying bacteria, but about a group of bacteria swimming freely in the water. These useful bacteria consume nutrients, such as phosphates, nitrates, as well as organic substances. The nutrients once consumed are then no longer available for algae and certain undesirable bacteria such as cyanobacteria.

Skimmers, UVC systems, filter socks and other filtration components remove these good bacteria from the water, leading to increased levels of nitrates and phosphates and the accumulation of organic matter. The visible consequence is the development of harmful organisms such as algae, filamentous algae, cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates.

In the case of cyanobacteria, the improper use of an oversized skimmer removes even more good bacteria from the water, which aggravates the problem.

To eliminate these harmful organisms in the long term, it is therefore essential to add bacteria to the water. This is where Waste-Away gels come in: they gradually release bacteria into the water to replace those that have been eliminated. Simple, effective and without the use of expensive equipment such as dosing pumps, gels provide a source and constant release of useful bacteria.

If your aquarium has algae, filamentous, cyanobacteria, dinoflagellate and other problems, we recommend using Re-Fresh and Liquid Waste Away first to clean the aquarium and get rid of them. Then use the Waste-Away gels regularly to keep the aquarium clean and the water clean.

How do Waste-Away Gels work ?

Waste-Away gels are extremely easy to use and do not require any specific equipment to be used. Simply remove the heat-shrinkable film, attach the supplied suction cup and position the gel in your aquarium or your sump filter. They spread good bacteria that will consume and break down nutrients and organic waste. Thus, and thanks to these "cleansing" bacteria, the water in your aquarium will stay clear and clean.

Waste-Away gels are 100% safe for fish, plants and corals.


Waste-Away gels continuously release good bacteria into the water of the aquarium.

These good bacteria consume nitrates, phosphates with organic loads while keeping the aquarium cleaner and the water clearer.

The gels release bacteria for a period of about 30 days and change colour to indicate that they need to be replaced. Penetrates into difficult and hard to reach areas.




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